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Interior Design



OrgoMod provides interior design consultancy services to its valued customers in a customized customer-first approach. We pride ourselves in working with our customers in every step of the design process and want their active participation in the thinking and designing phases. Once the customer chooses us, we kick off the project in 3 stages. In the first stage, we provide our customer with a survey form that requires their inputs on design, theme, functionality, and price preferences. Based on that feedback, we go back to the drawing board and provide the customer with a mood board/inspiration board.


The mood board is intended to provide the customer with a chance to comment on our design, color, and layout preferences for their spaces. Once the customer approves the elements of the mood board, we start sourcing items for them. This is what sets us apart. We do not limit our customers to any specific vendors. Once we share a list of items available online/in-store with our customers and the customers have chosen their preferred items, we use 3-D modeling software to superimpose those images in the customer’s space. This allows the customers to visualize the final product and layout of their space.


If they are not satisfied with the chosen items, we go back and source new items and go through this cycle again to ensure the customer is satisfied. After the customer has made their sourcing stages, we move on to the final stage. During the final stage, we conduct a virtual &/or in-person audit of the space to ensure we have captured all the customer’s request to close out the project.




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